Franchise RUCKZUCK

RuckZuck franchise network nowadays gathers dozens of showrooms across Poland, employing over several hundred people. Each showroom is owned by an individual entrepreneur with exclusive rights to run a showroom in a given area, and a priority in establishing new centres.

Entrepreneurs wishing to open their own showroom receive our support and detailed instructions to streamline their business. RuckZuck offers continuous consulting and advisory services regarding product marketing and sales. Company representatives also assure a uniform system of visual identification, training, and provide trademarks, commercial marks, and other industrial property rights to use.

Partners beginning co-operation with RuckZuck network can choose among various store formats. In small towns, we usually have RuckZuck Express format stores with the area of up to 150 m2. It is also possible to open a standard RuckZuck showroom with the optimal area of 150-300 m2. Partners having outlets with the area exceeding 300 m2 in cities with significant potential can open Premium showrooms.





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    Own Outlet
    Partners beginning co-operation with us can choose among various store formats.
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    Preferential terms
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    Working with our network is a guarantee of your success!
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    Do business under the renowned RuckZuck brand!


We seek for partners who dream of their own prosperous business or think about developing their existing business. The Poles give increasingly greater attention to the aesthetics of the places they live or work in. Therefore, the market of interior finishing products is dynamically developing. Following this trend, we offer the widest choice of Classen floors and doors, as well as top class accessories.

This is a recipe for success of investors we co-operate with and those who begin co-operation with our network. We would like everyone to be able to use RuckZuck’s extremely broad offer.


"I have been co-operating with RuckZuck for over ten years. Thanks to this, my company is developing dynamically, increasing its turnover year to year. As regards our co-operation, I appreciate the vast product offer, and the professionalism of the employees. Major benefits include national advertising campaigns and recognised trademark.”.

Zbyszek Kamiński

Store Manager in Brodnica

"I wanted very much to have as complete offer as possible. We wanted our visiting customers to find everything needed for construction and renovation under one roof. We have established strict co-operation with RuckZuck because this makes us offer our customers top quality goods at affordable prices.".

Maciej Drzewiński

Store Manager in Białystok

"I was talked into opening my own store by a good friend who owns several RuckZuck stores. In Pleszew, there are already showrooms with floors, but I do not fear competition because nobody has such a vast choice and such good prices as I do.".

Maciej Szkudlarek

Store Manager in Pleszew